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Useful forms

Useful forms to receive income tax deduction of your savings and insurances.

Form 164 RF / Form 164 RD

Request for tax moderation

Request in correction, moderation registration or establishment of duplicate of a tax retention form for for resident employees and pensioners. Unfortunately this form exists only in French and German.

French form - 164 RF: Demande en rectification, inscription d'une modération ou établissement d'un duplicata d'une fiche de retenue d'impôt 2021 pour salariés et pensionnés résidents

German form - 164 RD: Antrag auf Berichtigung, Eintragung einer Ermäßigung oder Ausstellung eines Duplikates einer Steuerkarte 2021 für ansässige Lohn- und Pensionsempfänger

Form 163 RF / 163 RD

Annual breakdown

Annual breakdown of year 2020 (employed or retired resident individuals who are not taxed on an assessment basis). Unfortunately this document exists only in French and German.

French form - 163 RF: Décompte annuel de l'année 2020 - personnes physiques résidentes salariées ou pensionnées non soumises à une imposition par voie d'assiette

German form - 163 RD: Antrag auf Lohnsteuerjahresausgleich für das Jahr 2020 für ansässige Lohn- und Pensionsempfänger


100% financement

If you want to buy or build an object for your own residential use in Luxembourg, we can offer you, together with our partner banks, a loan for the entire purchase price or construction price. In this case, you only have to bear the additional costs of the project with your own funds.

Does it make sense to renegotiate your loan terms?

The interest rates have fallen continuously in recent years. This development in market interest rates is causing many people who took out their real estate loan a few years ago to think about whether it makes sense to renegotiate its terms.