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Home Ownership Saving Scheme


Benefits of a building savings account

  • You acquire a right to a home savings loan at an advantageous and fixed rate.
  • Your payments are placed with no risk.
  • Your payments are deductible from your taxable income.
  • You shall remain free on the decision of the regular payments you are making.
  • You have the option to make additional payments at any time.

State guarantee for housing loans

The individual who wishes to benefit from the State guarantee must have a building savings account.

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How to open a building savings account?

Building savings accounts are managed by home loan and savings institutions. Several home loan and savings institutions are located in Luxembourg. And if you request to open a building savings account at bank counter, this request will be forwarded to the partner home loan and savings institution of your bank. You can also open a building savings account directly from the home loan and savings institution.

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100% financement

If you want to buy or build an object for your own residential use in Luxembourg, we can offer you, together with our partner banks, a loan for the entire purchase price or construction price. In this case, you only have to bear the additional costs of the project with your own funds.

Does it make sense to renegotiate your loan terms?

The interest rates have fallen continuously in recent years. This development in market interest rates is causing many people who took out their real estate loan a few years ago to think about whether it makes sense to renegotiate its terms.