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If you want to buy or build an object for your own residential use in Luxembourg, we can offer you, together with our partner banks, a loan for the entire purchase or construction price. In this case, you only have to bear the acquiring costs of the project with your own funds.

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Mortgage loan calculator

The results of the simulation of real estate and mortgage loans are approximate values. They are intended to help you make better estimates of the costs of your future real estate loan.

Mortgage loan calculator

Interest rates on mortgage loans

Interest rates have decreased again since the end of summer 2019 and are now even below the historical low of 2016. Read our article about the current interest rates.

Interest rates on mortage loans

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Due to the ongoing economic crisis, interest rates have fallen continuously in recent years. This development causes many people who took out their real estate loan a few years ago to think about whether it makes sense to renegotiate the financing for their real estate loan.

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